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Our Team

Are you interested in collaborating, being an intern or doing a research project with SheSupplies? Send us a message or call us!

Our Supervisory Board

Alexandra van Selm

Alexandra van Selm

Program Director International Responsible Business Conduct at Social and Economic Council (SER)
Elif Tutum Tuncer

Elif Tutum Tuncer

Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director at Signify

Diana van Maasdijk

Diana van Maasdijk

Founder and CEO of Equileap

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support SheSupplies?

Project collaboration:
Let’s work together! If you’re passionate about responsible and sustainable sourcing and want to use procurement to promote gender equality in the supply chain, contact us at

Internship opportunities:
Looking for an internship in economics, business, supply chain management, procurement, or a related field with a growing non-profit? Send us your thoughts, proposal, resume, or questions at, and let’s explore if there is a fit!

Let’s connect:
Do you work for an organization interested in promoting gender equality in the supply chain? Let’s connect! Contact us at, and let’s schedule a virtual coffee over Zoom to discuss possible ways to collaborate.

How can I donate to SheSupplies?

At SheSupplies Foundation, we rely on both financial and pro-bono support to achieve our mission. If you are interested in supporting our work, please feel free to contact us directly at

Additionally, you can make a donation to Women Win, our fiscal sponsor, in the name of SheSupplies Foundation by visiting their website at

Does SheSupplies have a grantmaking program?

Although SheSupplies does not offer grant opportunities, we welcome individuals or organizations working towards women’s rights, especially those focusing on women’s working rights and gender equality in the workplace, to contact us at to explore possible collaboration opportunities.

Does SheSupplies have an ANBI status?

Yes, we do. Our NGO has been granted ANBI status as of January 1st, 2023.

Is SheSupplies registered in the Chamber of Commerce?

Yes, we are registered and we have the following KvK number: 86543377

Is SheSupplies a social impact organization?

Yes, we are a social impact organization. This means that we are an operator in the social economy and that our main objective is to have a social impact rather than make a profit for their owners or shareholders. In fact, we are a foundation with a social impact mission and we do not make any profits nor do we have shareholders.

How can I make suggestions to SheSuplies?

We strive to provide clear information on this website, but we are always open to suggestions for improvement. Please feel free to share your feedback with us at We appreciate your input.

Does SheSupplies only work in the Netherlands?

No, we are based in the Netherlands, but since supply chains are global, so are we. Currently, we focus our work in Europe.

What is the mission of SheSupplies?

We promote gender equality in the supply chain. Together with the organizations, we focus on a transition towards gender-responsive procurement, to build cultures, policies and practices that enhance gender equality and protect the rights of all stakeholders in the supply chain.

What services does SheSupplies offer?

Who are your beneficiaries?

Our beneficiaries are:

1.Businesses and public entities

Businesses and public entities have enhanced awareness and capacity to comply with rules and regulations and are transparent and accountable to the gender-related human rights risks in their supply chain. The organizations will be more sustainable and it will have a positive impact on their business results.

2.Women-owned businesses

Women-owned businesses have increased opportunities to enter the supply chain of strategic and large companies due to enhanced gender-responsive procurement policies and practices. This will increase their ability to scale and grow their business and increase their economic position and resilience. 

3.Women workers

Women in the workforce are protected and have equal access to opportunities, resources and rights and are able to develop their full potential, are economically empowered and more resilient.

Does SheSupplies do research?

Yes, we do this in order to make the – clearly documented – case for organizations to develop and implement gender-responsive procurement policies and practices to promote gender equality in the supply chain (with a focus on gender responsive procurement).


Does SheSupplies only work with corporations and public entities?

No, in order to promote gender equality in the supply chain, we believe that it is important to foster multi-stakeholder partnerships. Therefore, we are very keen to collaborate with different relevant organizations, including other NGOs, INGO, UN agencies, governments and other civil society organizations that are relevant.

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