3-Step Roadmap

 We developed a 3-Step Roadmap for organizations to support their journey towards a more socially sustainable supply chain. The Roadmap aligns with the OECD Due Diligence guidelines.

GRP Assessment

A self-assessment that evaluates the organization’s commitment to gender equality in the supply chain, the relevant procurement policies and practices, the procurement team, available data, risks assessment, actions, M&E and communication among other things. The self-assessment results in a scorecard and level of maturity per category. Both the score and maturity level provide a baseline to measure future progress.

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Recommendation Report

Based on the self-assessment SheSupplies provides a recommendation report. The recommendation report together with the scorecard and maturity level can be used as an internal guide and roadmap for the organization to understand its strengths and weaknesses, build awareness among leadership and members, and take action to improve.

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Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer expert advice, technical assistance, and capacity building to organizations working on human rights risks in their supply chain with a gender lens. The different expert services and technical assistance we can provide:

  • Program design and implementation
  • Capacity building
  • Policy and procedure design
  • Collection of gender-disaggregated data
  • Risk identification and prioritization
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Gender and social inclusion support
  • Partnership and brokering

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