3-Step Roadmap

Our 3-Step Roadmap empowers organizations on their journey towards enhanced gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in their supply chains.

Step 1: Self-Assessment Tool

The self-assessment tool serves as a valuable instrument to assess your organization’s current level of commitment to gender equality, diversity, and inclusion within your supply chains. 

The assessment provides a comprehensive scorecard (baseline) of the organization’s existing policies, practices, available data, and insights into gender-related risks etc. By regularly measuring against this baseline, you’ll be able to drive meaningful change, creating a more inclusive and equitable supply chain ecosystem.

Step 2: Recommendation Report

The recommendation report offers valuable insights by identifying weaknesses, inefficiencies, and gaps. It suggests improvements and provides guidance for prioritized actions. The report is based on assessment data, serving as a roadmap for informed decisions. Implementing these recommendations gives your business a competitive edge, mitigating risks, enhancing transparency, and fostering sustained growth, reputation, compliance, and sustainability.

Step 3: Tools and Technical support

Based on the recommendation report, we provide practical tools and technical advise to organizations to develop and implement strategic measures that enhance gender equality, diversity and inclusion in their supply chain.

Technical Advise and Support

3-step roadmap tools and technical advise

Technical Advise:

        • Gender analysis of supplier base (risk assessment)
        • Gender-disaggregated data collection from suppliers
        • Workshops & training of internal and external stakeholders (staff, suppliers)
        • Verification of your supplier base through evaluation / selection scorecard.
        • Development of strategic action plan based on 3-step roadmap
        • Revise & adapt sourcing & procurement policies & practices
        • Support in developing smart goals and objectives and monitoring and evaluation
        • Partnership brokering


        • Resource Platform: A selection of vetted practical tools, publications and case studies.
        • SheSupplies Tools: we have developed a selection of gender-responsive tools to assess your own organization as well as your supplier’s commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion (GRP self-assessment tool, a supplier evaluation / selection scorecard) and a gender-responsive supplier & buyer code of conduct.