Awareness Raising

She Supplies Workshop and training

Worskhops and Training

We deliver workshops and training to increase awareness around gender-specific challenges in the supply chain and how sourcing & procurement can be strategic instruments to drive change.

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Research - She Supplies awareness raising


We initiate research projects in collaboration with universities to acquire knowledge and understanding on driving sustainable change through gender-responsive procurement.

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She supplies blogs and social media awareness raising

Blog & Social Media

We share thought-provoking ideas and opinions to increasing understanding, inspiring action, and accelerating progress towards gender-equal, diverse and inclusive supply chains.

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She Supplies podcast


Our podcast is the first to focus on GRP and aims to inspire and drive key stakeholders, including top-leadership, sourcing and procurement staff and sustainability teams.

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She supplies public engagements awareness raising

Public Engagements

Through public speaking engagements we aim to inform, inspire and engage key stakeholders about the sustainable and business benefits of gender-responsive procurement.

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