Gender equality sectoral circles


The Gender Equality Sectoral Circles bring together key stakeholders in high risk sectors to share learnings, identify risks, set targets, develop standardized and gender-responsive policies and practices and increase transparency to close the gender gap and promote gender equality throughout the supply chain.

Why we support and promote the gender equality sectoral circles:
1) To enable stakeholders in different high risk sectors to scale effective gender-responsive sourcing and procurement practices towards sustainable production and trade.
2) To set collective targets aligned with the SDGs, OECD Guidelines and other standards & regulations
3) to support transformative change through a collaborative sectoral approach.
4) To close the gender gap in the different sectors where women still face disproportionate challenges.

The impact:

  • Increased participation of women-owned / led businesses in the supplier base.
  • Increased leadership of women in the supply chain
  • Improved labor conditions and human rights for men and women in the workplace
  • Improved gender equality & sustainability in the supply chain.
  • Enhanced reputation, competitiveness & compliance of Circle Champions.

In 2023, we have initiated a Gender Equality Sectoral Circle with Dutch sustainable coffee brands, roasters and traders in close collaboration with the producing organizations in the countries of origin and in partnership with Equal Origins. For more information about this initiative, please contact

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