Gender equality sectoral circles


Our Gender Equality Sectoral Circles bring together key stakeholders in high-risk sectors to share insights, identify risks, and develop gender-responsive policies and practices, promoting gender equality throughout the supply chain.

Why we support and promote these circles:

  • Scale gender-responsive sourcing and procurement for sustainable production and trade.
  • Set collective targets aligned with SDGs and global guidelines.
  • Drive transformative change through collaborative sectoral approaches.
  • Close the gender gap in sectors facing disproportionate challenges.

The impact of a sectoral approach:

  • Increased participation of women-owned/led businesses in the sector.
  • Enhanced leadership opportunities for women at all levels in the supply chain
  • Improved labor conditions and human rights for all workers in the sector.
  • Strengthened gender equality and sustainability in the sector
  • Enhanced reputation, competitiveness, and compliance of Circle Champions.