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The SheSupplies resource platform is a comprehensive collection of practical tools, publications, and best practices compiled from a range of highly respected and expert authorities, organizations, and industry leaders. Each resource on the platform is carefully curated and has a clear gender lens, providing valuable guidance and support to organizations on their journey to enhance gender equality in their supply chain through their sourcing and procurement practices.

The platform’s resources cover a broad range of topics, including gender-responsive procurement policies and practices, risk assessments, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, capacity building, and partnership brokering, among others. By leveraging these resources, organizations can gain insights and practical guidance from leading experts, empowering them to implement more socially sustainable and gender-inclusive supply chains.

About the Resource Platform


We have selected publications to clarify how women are impacted in global supply chains and its effect on your business. Addressing sourcing and procurement issues is crucial for women and your business. Women face impacts in various sectors like food, farming, textiles, technology, and more. These publications address gender-based discrimination, harassment, the pay gap, limited resources, cultural biases, and unequal opportunities. Understanding gender inequality is vital for effective change.


Numerous strategies and actions can be employed to enhance gender equality in your supply chain. We have gathered valuable insights on implementing meaningful change within your business structure. Additionally, we have curated a collection of tools aligned with each of the six steps outlined in the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines. These tools offer practical guidance for advancing gender-focused procurement in your business, enabling you to progress effectively and efficiently.

Case Studies

We present evidence supporting the need for a gendered focus in supply chains. Our collection includes statistics, case studies, and reports that offer real perspective on women’s challenges in sourcing and procurement. Addressing these issues improves business performance. This compilation covers diverse industries and nations, providing qualitative and quantitative data on gender in supply chains.

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OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct 

The OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct is a globally recognized publication that outlines the process of enacting responsible business conduct. It consists of six specific steps for due diligence, helping minimize and eliminate supply chain risks. At SheSupplies, we adhere to this six-step format and offer relevant documents for each step. Our practical tools include policy recommendations, human rights assessments, risk management roadmaps, questionnaires, training programs, instruction manuals, grievance mechanism guides, and more. Utilize these tools to align your business practices with the OECD Guidance.

Step 1

Embed responsible business conduct into policies and management systems

Step 2

Identify and assess risks associated with the enterprises operations, products or services

Step 3

Cease, prevent and mitigate adverse impacts

Step 4

Track implementation and results

Step 5

Communicate how impacts are addressed

Step 6

Provide for or cooperate in remediation when appropriate

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