Global culture is shifting towards more sustainable and ethical business practices. So it is important that your business takes steps in a progressive direction. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are becoming more prominent and salient, and we want to help you achieve them. Gender responsive procurement is a great way to contribute to the SDGs and create a positive impact in your supply chain. If you, or someone in your company, is interested in adding a gender lens to your procurement practices, then now might be a great time to start. In order to commit to gender responsive procurement, it is important to have company wide support. Particularly from board members, top management, and other key stakeholders in the organizations (finance, legal, CSR, HR etc). An organizational strategy committing to gender responsive procurement is needed in order to take the necessary steps towards a sustainable and ethical future for your business.

So why would the board, or other high ranking members of management, want to commit to learning more about the impact of gender equality in their supply chain? Well, there are four compelling business benefits when you focus on gender equality in your sourcing and procurement. Firstly, the business case, adding a gender lens can increase revenue and decrease procurement spending. A diverse supply chain is typically an innovative one. Secondly, emphasis on human rights due diligence and ESGs in national and European law is increasing. In order to remain compliant with these rules and regulations, adding a gender lens to your sourcing and procurement practices is a logical step. Especially when women play a significant role in the production, such as agri-food products,, textiles and garment. Thirdly, the cultural attitude towards gender equality is evolving, and issues around gender equality in your supply chain can damage the reputation and branding ofyour organization.. More stakeholders (employees, customers, investers) are calling for more responsible business practices, and adding a gender lens is a vital aspect. And lastly, sustainability is not just environmental, but also social, gender responsive procurement is a great way to hit your Sustainable Development Goals. 

The best way to start applying a gender lens in your procurement, is to first understand your supply chain. At SheSupplies, we can assist in assessing and analyzing your current commitment to gender equality in your procurement policies and practices and build internal capacity to develop and implement gender responsive policies and practices in collaboration with your strategic suppliers.

Internal support for gender-responsive procurement  in your company is a very important step in this process. Having an ambassador at the board or executive level is an important  start. Also, allocating resources to help enact gender responsive procurement. Utilizing available resources and organizations, such as SheSupplies. But crucially, an open and constant line of communication between all relevant internal and external stakeholders. This will aid in creating a unified and clear mission, company wide, about the importance of gender equality in your sourcing and procurement practices. 

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